Entertainment Marketing, Inc.

Address:Room 1014, Akasaka Residintial Hotel, 9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052

Chief Representative: Rika Katsuguchi

TEL: +81.3.6721.0095

FAX   +81.3.6804.2739

Email info@ent-mktg.com

On-going Services & Websites

Marketing & Management on Entertainer, Copyright Management (English Website) https://ent-mktg.com/

Pop Culture Experience Program for Tourists in TokyoEnglish Website http://pop-cul.jp/

Casting of Entertainer, Event, Ad Production for Japanese market (Japanese Website)  http://ent-mktg.jp/


Support Artists recording in Tokyo (English Website) http://recording-tokyo.com/ Japanese Websitehttp://recording-tokyo.com/jp/

Entrusted Websites

Disaster Prevention Website for Residents in Tokyo (Japanese) http://risk.tokyo/

Global Market Research Company ‘J.D. Power’ Japanese Website and Facebook Page



SNS Communication

Cooperation in Japan


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Tokyo Metro – Chiyoda Line
7mins on foot from Akasaka Station, 10mins on foot from Nogizaka Station.

Tokyo Metro – Hibiya Line 10 mins on foot from Roppongi Station

Toei – Oedo Line 7mins on foot from Roppong

Akasaka Residential Hotel

On first floor, lobby is for meeting.

When you are near or arrive, please call. We come and pick.
TEL No.;

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